Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy Childbirth

One of the highlights of my life is the day I naturally gave birth to my son in 1994. About 15 minutes after his birth, while holding him in my arms, I remember thinking..."I could do this again"...It was some work and I had some wonderful help... Overall it seemed rather easy.  Many days I ask myself... Was it the Chiropractic Care that I'd received throughout my pregnancy? Was it the relaxed concentration...Now termed Hypno-Birthing? Was it the good food throughout my pregnancy? I believe that it is all of those things...and more. After attending I.C.P.A., Jeanne Ohm's Perinatal Care and Webster Certification seminar it is more evident than ever. There is so much that Chiropractors can do to help a pregnant mother deliver a healthy, happy baby with ease.

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